The step-by-step, brand-building online program showing you how to define your purpose, clarify your strategy, and grow a worthwhile, profitable business.

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This video was taken during an in-person beta test in preparation for The Influencer Academy™.
The Influencer Academy™ is an online program taught by Julie.

Game-changer question for people ready to share their influence from a place of heart & intention:

What’s the difference in bloggers and influencers who think for themselves, create their own products and services, cultivate a faithful following, and empower their influence to honor their purpose …

… and those who feel trapped in the affiliate marketing rat race, wrestling with the compare and compete, compete and compare mind games of the social scroll? #thestruggleisreal

You don’t want to be a guinea pig for the big brands—you want to level-up and create your own brand and service.

But, you’re totally lost on how to even start to turn this online influence thing into a true business. I hear you. I’ve lived that, too.

And friend, there’s a better way. A much better way…

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The step-by-step, brand-building online roadmap, tailor-made just for influencers and bloggers, showing you how to define your purpose, clarify your strategy, and grow a worthwhile, profitable business.

I’ve invested years of research and in-person time in the trenches with bloggers just like you:
Influencers with anywhere from 100 to 150K followers, who still struggle to make this online thing their main source of income, no matter how many blogs they post, how many pitches they send out, or how much they max out the room for 30 hashtags per post that Zuckerberg and his team give us.
Influencers who—even though they’ve invested in their brand before—have YET to see an online program that’s actually helped them cultivate a purpose-driven gameplan and path to their goals.
Influencers who, despite starting at the SAME time *she* did, consistently sees other bloggers and brands who seem to be achieving momentum and growth … while they feel stagnant.

The Result?

A step-by-step program that gives you a crystal-clear blueprint for the way out of overwhelm and discouragement, so you can get confident with the guidance you need to tap into your potential as an influencer.

Because I know you *may* have left (or are considering leaving!) your job to do this whole online thing …

So it’s time for us to make sure you love it.

Let’s transform it into the brand you were meant to use to serve the world.



Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when The Influencer Academy opens in 2019!

Meet Julie

Hey! I’m Julie—a New York Times best-selling publicist, speaker and host of The Influencer Podcast with a Tennessee accent, sweet husband and 5-year-old, and a passion for helping bloggers and influencers like you.

I worked in publicity for over 10 years and helped amazing artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers land ink in publications from Forbes to Elle Magazine. Clearly with a thing for pages, I went on to spearheaded book campaigns that broke New York Times Best-Selling records under and worked with dozens of best-selling authors and influencers who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide.

But now? It’s back to the digital page: I’ve worked with bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and authors, like ABC’s The Bachelorette Emily Maynard, best-selling author Emily Ley and Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy grow brands into seven-figure businesses and have taught thousands of influencers in over 165 countries how to turn their side hustle dream into a thriving online brand.

The bottom line? I don’t believe your hard work should go unpaid.

Content creation is no joke—and you deserve to be paid for the audience you’ve worked so hard to bring together, no matter the size.

And now’s the time to hand over the education to YOU!

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